Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What's In Your Reserves?

Everyone has a financial crisis now and then. Some people are unprepared and panic. Others decide it's time to flip the mattress, rotate the sofa cushions, and put their fingers into cracks and crevices they haven't done since before they quit smoking and was desperate for a cigarette.

It happened to me yesterday. The bank said I was overdrawn. My rainy day had come...again, but this it wasn't about grocery money or car fare.  There was no rainy day cache to go to. I flip the mattress and rotate cushions as part of my weekly house cleaning ritual, so no luck there. I might well have been screwed. Except for one gleaming light piercing the darkness. Gold.

I've been saving gold by the gram through my Karatbars affiliation. And yesterday, gold saved my behind. Up over 20% since New Years, my gold accumulated value over these seven months. As such it took a lot less gold than dollars to enable me to cover my banking arithmetic mistake.

What happened to me was alarming as well as embarrassing. I'm glad everything worked out. I wouldn't wish such a thing on anyone, but it can happen to you. So I ask you, what's in your reserves?

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Don't Mind That Man Behind The Curtain. I am EU, The Great & Powerful

     Now that Britain may decide to leave, the EU is being touted as the best thing since, what? The end of World War II? The end of communist aggression? Sliced bread?
     The European fortress is showing some cracks in how it views international trade letters of credit. Without such instruments, businesses cannot buy or sell goods. The buyer's bank sends a document to the seller's bank to guarantee the buyer will pay for the purchase on receipt of the shipment. When the buyer has possession of the goods, payment is then transferred to the seller's bank account. Simple. Logical. This is how business has been done for as long as there have been merchants and consumers.
     The Arabs still use the original ancient system, made modern by telephone. Across the Middle East, funds transfer accounts with a simple phone call. Money is given to the local money changer who in turn calls his contact where the money needs to go. He tells his associate so-and-so has given him money to pay so-and-so for such-and-such. He then asks the associate to give so-and-so at his end the amount of money so the buyer can get his merchandise. the associate agrees and makes a notes the debit to the account of the caller. Easy. Logical. No chance of misdirected funds or theft by hacking.
     An oversimplified demonstration of trade, but it serves the point.
     Now the EU wants to add more regulation to the practise in the name of protecting taxpayers from the inability of the buyer's bank to pay due to failure in the interim. Like a bank will collapse overnight? When the financial gurus warn such things can happen, the EU and the Central Banks flip levers to blow steam and magnify their voices as they shout  they are great and powerful and safeguards are in place, and their are warning signs and these things are the result of a series of events which can be monitored. One single event can't through a bank into failure. 'I AM EU, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL.'  Yet more regulations are called for? When the Wizard of OZ said it, Toto proved to Dorothy it was a sham. Are we not as smart as a little dog?
     Buyers and sellers agree the only purpose of these added regulations is to slow down a system already downshifted to first gear. They say it will eliminate small business from the growth opportunities international trade within the EU offers.   However, EU regulations don't extend receivers outside the European network, like the US, China, Russia, and India to name a few.
     The is a huge difference between being in a network and being caught in a net. The citizens of Great Britain appear to be waking to the difference.
     The key to successful international trade is having international money. Gold has served as international money for aeons. Gold has lasted because it is the most reliable instrument for trade   mankind has ever known.
     Consider this as an example. When an American travels to Europe, he converts his dollars into euros and loses some value in the exchange. Gold is universal. Gold buys anything anywhere. Once currency is converted into gold, there is no lose of value.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Oil As Duct Tape

     Oil prices are on the rise. The dollar is on the rise. The NYSE is on the rise based on the stronger dollar and the expectation of the interest rate rise by the Fed in June. Surprised crowds cheer. Happy Days are here again. Really?
     Summertime is vacation time is travel time is increased gas consumption time. Increased oil prices now mean travellers will once again allocate the money they could have spent on the substance of their domestic vacation to the fuel required to get them to their destinations. Foreign tourism? The exchange rate favors Americans going abroad, but doesn't contribute significantly to the American economy. American goods are more expensive overseas as well as for foreign travellers visiting the States. But...the value of the dollar is based on oil, so oil prices will save the economy in the end, right? Like duct tape on a leaky garden hose.
     In the meantime, the stronger dollar has pushed down the price of precious metals. Some people point to an accusing finger and say, 'See? Told ya all that talk about gold and silver was a load of hooey.'
     Which path into the future to take? The decision comes down to two decisions. One, believe in the power of duct tape without any doubts or worries and a readiness to apply more layers of the stuff as needed like tht garden hose that cost more to tape up than replace,  Or two, see the duct tape for what it really is and seize the opportunity to own more gold during the price slump while it lasts. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Living In A New World Economy. Two

     Gold and silver coins minted in the US are once again legal tender at the current market value of the precious metals. Utah followed by Oklahoma have passed legislation which allows the coins to be exchanged at the current market value of gold or silver without a capital gains tax.
     A similar bill passed by both houses of the Arizona legislature was vetoed by Governor Doug Duecy on the grounds the measure did not allow for the state to collect a capital gains tax. The tax would be calculated on the difference, for example, of the minted value of a gold dollar coin (one dollar) and the current value of the coin which could be as much as $40 dollars.
     Texas appears to be the next state to legalize the use of gold and silver, however, the Lonestar State bill takes the use of gold and silver a step further. Gold and silver as legal tender will also apply to bullion. The usage of bullion eliminates the question of capital gains. Bullion is only 'minted' by weight without any inherent value pressed into the bar.
     Another benefit of bullion is its universality. A gram of gold is a gram of gold in the US, the UK, China, Japan, or Russia. No longer would travelers have to deal with currency exchanges and fees. A benefit for citizens motivates government agencies to lobby for the inclusion of some kind of capital gains tax to block the popular movement to restore gold and silver to their historical place in everyday lives.
      Gold and silver bullion not only help people save the value of their labor, but in doing so, gold and silver help to preserve of their standard of living at the community and state, and national levels.
     The prosperity of any country is built on natural resources, like precious metals, forest, rivers,etc., and the combined labor of its citizenry. This was true in the beginning and it will hold true in the new world economy.
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Monday, May 23, 2016

Living In The New World Economy: 3 Advantages of Gold

     A lot has been written recently about two main money safe havens in the event of the predicted currency collapse. This writer makes no secret of his enthusiasm for gold. The 'what happens next?' scenario is a topic for broad discussion, but I want to point out just three reasons for my preference for gold.
     One. Gold is physical. Gold occupies tangible space. The other? A hologram at best.
     Two. When someone breaks into a secured vault or a private home, CCTV and/or an alarm system offer the chance the thieves will be apprehended and the gold returned. Hackers of a cyber-wallet leaves no such trace, nor hope of a recovery of the stolen property.
     Three. The holder of gold has access to it without dependency on electric power to run internet or WIFI to access a virtual wallet. After all, power plants don't run for free. In the event of economic collapse, what or who will keep them running?
     So as the television commercial asks, 'What's in your wallet?' it might be best to know your wallet is real.
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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fables For Living In A New World Economy: Chapter Seven. The Emperor's New Clothes

     Once upon a time the world was ruled by a very gullible emperor. Truly, the man knew nothing and believed everything. One day the emperor called for his tailor to bring him the new suit of clothes he had ordered several weeks prior. This sent the tailor into a tizzy since he had no new clothes made for his ruler since the royal banker had never provided the funds for the materials.
     'Tell me Mr. Banker, what am I to do? The Emperor wants his clothes, but you never sent me the money to make them, and so I have nothing ready for him.'
     'But I did send the money.'
     'Clearly you're mistaken. Had I received it I would be in this predicament.'
     'The money I sent you is invisible.'
     'Invisible money? Sounds like another one of your pranks, Mr. Banker.'
     'I don't do pranks, Tailor. I am a professional.'
     'As am I. So what do you suggest, that I present the Emperor with invisible clothes made with your invisible money?'
     'Excellent idea!'
     'I feared you would say that. It isn't your head on the block. Oh, how I wish we still paid for things with gold. Life was so much simpler then and costs were so much cheaper.'
     'It goes against my belief to tell you this, but there are some people who are using gold now.'
     'Gold? Really? Instead of your so-called invisible currency?'
     'Like I said, I don't much like it. Hard for men like me to make an honest living with gold --it's just so constant, you understand. So, common.'
     'Easy to know about you mean. So how can I find out more about these people who are using gold to pay for goods and services? I want to join them.'
     'Very well, then, Tailor, here's what you do--' How To Pay For Goods & Services With Gold

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Fables For Living In A New World Economy: Chapter Six. Rumplestiltskin

     In a land not so far away, there once lived a moderately successful man who owned a couple of mills. One mill ground wheat into flour; the other corn into meal. This man's wife had died, leaving him with a daughter. The Miller's daughter grew into a beautiful young. By this time, the man had become dissatisfied with his state in life, in spite of his success. He yearned for a higher place in society and so he was determined to establish a friendship with the region's leading politician. Knowing the man's taste in women, the miller saw his daughter as a way into the politician's circle.
     So when the miller finally was introduced to the politician at a fundraiser, he made sure to bring his daughter into the conversation.
     'She sounds delightful,' said the politician. 'I might have a place for her on my staff. Tell me, what experience does she have?'
     This was the miller's big chance and he didn't want to blow it with some run of the mill talent, so he lied. 'My daughter can turn paper into gold,' he boasted in a stage whisper.
     'She what?'
     'My daughter can turn paper into gold.'
     'How does she do that?'
     'That's a family secret, but if you need proof put her to the test. You won't be disappointed and then perhaps we can discuss the property next to mine where I want to expand my mills.'
     'Fine. Fine. Bring her to my home tomorrow and we'll see that she can do.'

     'You told him what? Father! How could you tell such a preposterous lie? What did you hope to gain from this? You know I can't--'
     'I know no such thing, and neither do you. Have you ever tried to turn paper into gold?'
     'You know I haven't.'
     'Well, there you are then. We can't say you can't when you've never tried. I'm sure it isn't that difficult if you put your mind to it. Now, hurry and get dressed. I want you to look your best today when you meet him. He'll be s dazzled by your beauty, he'll forget why we're there.'

     'Good morning, miller. This must be your daughter. Come this way. I've prepared a room for her to work her magic.'
     The three of them walked down a hall and then down a flight of stairs,  down another hall, and then the politician opened a door and gestured for them to enter.
     'Such a large room,' the miller commented as he gazed gobsmacked around the space.
     'It's filled with stacks and stacks of paper.'
     'Not just paper, my dear, these are stacks and bundles of dollar bills. All of my campaign contributions and such. You'll find a stool over there in the corner. Will you need anything else?'
     'Sir, I don't know what my father--'
     'The stool to sit down is all my daughter requires. Perhaps we should go somewhere we can chat privately so she can get to work.'
     'Of course. We'll leave you to it then. You should have everything you need. I'll check back with you in the morning.'
     'In the morning? You mean you're leaving me in this dungeon overnight?'
     'I assumed changing this much paper into gold would take that long. If you finish early you can press this button and one of my maids will come to get you.'
     With that, the two men left, closing and locking the door behind them.
     The miller's daughter plopped down on the stool and began to cry. Suddenly, she heard something rustling from the opposite side of the chamber and a funny-looking little man emerged out a one of the larger piles of paper.
     'How can anyone get any sleep with you making all that noise?'
     'I have a better question, little man, how is anyone supposed to change all these paper dollars into gold by tomorrow morning when she hasn't a clue how?'
     'Change paper dollars into gold?'
     'That's right. Can you believe my father told this man I can do that AND he believed it? God, it might as well be straw!'
     'You can you know.'
     'No, I don't know. That's why I was crying.'
     'Easy as pie.'
     'I don't know how to bake either.'
     'All right. Easy as blowing your nose. Here, take my handkerchief.'
     The young woman blew her nose and put the kerchief in her pocket. 'I'll want that back after it's been laundered.'
     'Of course. Now tell me how I can change dollars into gold. We need to get busy here.'
     "You are the eager lass, aren't you?' She glared at him. 'Okay. What you need to do to get started is--' Want to know Rumpelstiltskin's secret? Click Here